• Important: This promotion is completely free to enter. No purchase is required and all spins are earned as a bonus to your activities on Cointiply. Spins have no monetary value and can only be used for this specific event.

Welcome to Cointiply's Monster Mania 2022 Monster Collection Promotion

We are happy to bring you another promo for the Halloween season! You have until the end of November 10th (UTC) to collect monsters for a chance to win Coins. Act quickly because there are only so many monsters up for grabs!

You will also receive a 10% instant bonus on ALL offers & surveys.

How It Works

For every 100 Coins you earn, you'll get a spin on our Monster Mania Spin to Win! 

If you get the same three monsters on the winning line (the middle line) when you spin, you'll earn one of 9 total monsters. For every monster you collect, you'll get free Coins, and the top monster pays 1 Million Coins. Yes,. that's 1,000,000 Coins!

But, there are a limited number of monsters, and the rarest ones are the hardest to get! You can see how many remaining monsters there are on the Monster Mania event page.

Promotion Details:

  • Promotion runs until November 10th, 2022.
  • Random offer wall bonuses will be activated throughout the promotion. Bonus will be applied automatically.
  • For every 100 Coins you earn, you will receive 1 spin for a chance to collect a monster. 
  • Every time you collect a monster you will receive a Coin reward. Collect all 9 monster to collect all the rewards! Check your Activity (filter for "Bonuses" to see your monster reward).

Progressive Jackpot

The jackpot goes up 1 Coin for every 5 spins, and it can be won by any user at any time! 

Even if you collect all the monsters (or there are no more to collect) you can still spin to win the jackpot.

Auto Spin x 500

You can hit the "Auto Spin x 500" button to automatically spin 500 times without having to click again. Leave the tab or application open for the best performance. If you minimize the tab you may experience performance issues.

Terms & Conditions / Prize Information:

  • Spins are completely free and hold no monetary value.
  • The promotion ends at November 10th 23:59:59 UTC time. 
  • Chances of winning prizes change as prizes are claimed. 
  • The first monster has a 1 in 3 chance of being won. The highest paying monster has a 1 in 75,000 chance. 
  • A total of $4892 in free Coins will be paid out in Monster Mania prizes (not including jackpots) if all prizes are claimed.
  • Contest rules and regulations are subject to local rules and regulations of the participant.

Important: The higher paying monsters are much harder to get and there is a limited quantity. Start early for the best chance at winning!

Each monster can only be collected one time per user, and only until they're all gone. 

Start earning to collect your monsters!