Some offer walls and other features on Cointiply may have limited access and require good account history on our site or mobile app before they are unlocked. The offer walls & survey panels also have their own access requirements that are controlled and managed by them.

Some factors that may lead to offer wall access being limited include:
  • VPN use, now or in the past  
  • Offer wall or survey chargebacks / reversals
  • Location based restrictions
  • Account history
  • Terms of Service violations
  • Device Feature Limits
  • Abusing Cointiply or demonstrating fraudulent earning patterns
  • Using multiple accounts
  • Sending invalid or fake referrals
  • Etc.
Offer wall accessibility is automatically determined and can only be changed in special circumstances. If you have an issue accessing an offer wall, please first check the list above to make sure you are not subject to any infractions on the list.

If you are SURE that you should have access to the offer wall, please open a support ticket and thoroughly explain why you should have access. Our support team will evaluate access on a case by case basis.

How do I know if access is limited?

On the Cointiply website you will see a message beside the offer wall (or offer) that explains your access has been limited. You may also see 1 Coin Claims in your account history if you have attempted to complete an offer for a disabled network.

See this screenshot for the desktop example:

On the Cointiply mobile app, you will see a similar message at the top of your offer list. See this screenshot: