Chargebacks and reversals both mean the same thing, but different offerwalls might use either term. In this support article, we'll explain what that means and why you might have one in your Claim Activity, and we'll use "chargeback" for the sake of simplicity.

At its core, a chargeback is what happens when an offerwall deducts Coins for an offer you were already credited for. Every offerwall reserves the right to issue chargebacks, and the industry sees is as a key tool for combatting fraud.

We know chargebacks can be frustrating, especially when you're doing your best to earn Coins fairly and honestly. They're frustrating to us, too, and we hope this article helps you earn while avoiding chargebacks.

Why Do Offerwalls Do Chargebacks?

Every offerwall is different, and they don't tend to share details of how they manage their auditing process. That said, most surveys, app downloads, signups, deposit offers, and even video offers undergo some kind of offer. Surveys tends to be audited once the entire survey has finished, which might take 30 to 90 days. App downloads are often audited as they go, and some large offers (especially deposit offers) are audited or manually approved on a case-by-case basis.

Those audits might find discrepancies, VPN or proxy use, duplicate IPs, or other issues related to whatever monitoring they are doing. When they find these issues, the offerwall might decide to charge back the offer. Similarly, survey answers that the offerwall, survey provider, or advertiser determine are false or otherwise problematic might also result in a survey being charged back.

Our understanding is that problems with an advertiser might also result in a chargeback, even if you did nothing wrong.

All of these measures are necessary to combat fraud.

Common Reasons for Chargebacks

Below are common reasons that might lead to a chargeback. We aren't saying you did these things, and the offerwalls don't tell us why they issued a chargeback, but this might help you understand why you see a chargeback on your account.

  • Speeding through a survey or other offer
  • Failed quality control questions in a survey
  • Invalid info
  • Mismatched information
  • Duplicate accounts
  • Suspicious network activity
  • Surveys over the advertiser's internal quota
  • URL manipulation
  • Mismatched location data

What Happens When I Get a Chargeback?

When an offerwall issues a chargeback, those Coins are deducted from your account, and they are also deducted from what the offerwall pays Cointiply. In other words, we both lose, and we work hard to keep fraud off of our site for just this reason.

What Can I Do if I Get a Chargeback?

You can always contact the offerwall. In that we play no role in this process, there's nothing we can do about a chargeback.