There are many ways to market your referral link for Cointiply, and we've put together these tips and resources to help you make the most of your referral opportunities. In the following article, you'll learn more about how and where to promote your Cointiply referral link.

Cointiply Referral Program

Cointiply's referral program allows you to earn referral commissions just bringing new members to Cointiply. You can earn 25% of your referrals' faucet rolls on Cointiply, and you'll earn that for life. Even more importantly, however, you'll earn 10% of your referrals' offerwall earnings. It's all automatic, and once you get a referral to sign up, your referral commissions are deposited directly to your Cointiply account at the end of each day (GMT/UTC time).

You'll find your referral link, as well as information and stats about your referrals on your referrals page on Cointiply.


Cointiply referral page

Advertising Your Cointiply Referral Link

Advertising your Cointiply referral link is, at its most basic, about getting it in front of people, especially people interested in earning cryptocurrency. How and where you do that is what will make the difference in earning a little or a lot as a referrer. 

Let's start with including information about Cointiply that's appropriate for where you are promoting it. If you're promoting Cointiply somewhere that is cryptocurrency-focused, you might want to emphasize how you can earn Bitcoin by doing tasks on Cointiply. If you're focused on getting free money, you might want to focus on our faucet. If you're promoting Cointiply on a site that's already dedicated to discussing offerwalls, you might want to focus on our high-paying surveys.

Wherever you are promoting Cointiply, remember to respect local rules and requirements, and remember that if you wouldn't click on a link, no one else is likely to click on it, either. We also strongly encourage our members to always be honest when promoting Cointiply. Your best referrals are always those members who earn and continue to earn, and you can help ensure that your referrals stay involved with Cointiply by setting the right expectations when talking about Cointiply.

Promoting Your Cointiply Referral Link for Free

The cheapest way to promote your Cointiply referral link is to post it on social media, review us on YouTube, or if you're a podcaster, to talk about us on your podcast. Forums and sites like Reddit can also be a great place to promote Cointiply. Just remember to follow whatever rules the platform you are using has on promotional links. It also helps if you're actually a member of that online community—no one likes a drive-by spammer!

Here are just a few examples of social media platforms and forums:

Here's an example of a YouTube review of Cointiply:

Promoting Your Cointiply Referral Link on Ad Networks

Self-serve ad networks are a great way to promote your Cointiply referral link. They're often inexpensive, and many have an audience predisposed towards earning cryptocurrency. Below are some of the top ad networks where we and many of our referrers have advertised and gotten good results. 

Tip: Some of these networks require you to upload ad images or link to ad images hosted elsewhere. You will find tile and banner ads on your Cointiply referral page. You can download those images to upload where you need to, or simply use the Cointiply-hosted URL, HTML, or BBCode for the ad image you wish to use. 

You are also welcome to make your own Cointiply ad images. Ad networks that use Popunders or Popup ads generally only need the URL you want to promote, which is your Cointiply referral URL.

Promoting Your Cointiply Referral Link on PTC Ad Sites

PTC Ads are a great way to promote your Cointiply referral link. Just like with Cointiply's own PTC Ads, "PTC" stands for "paid to click." With a PTC Ad, you purchase an ad, deciding how much you are willing to pay someone else to visit your promoted link. You're then hoping some of them will find your promoted link interesting and sign up.

The PTC Ad industry is large, and while Cointiply's PTC Ads are the best, everyone seeing them already has a Cointiply account! Below are some of the other PTC Ad sites out there that offer opportunities for you to get Cointiply referrals. As with the Ad networks above, we see incoming signups from all of these sites.

Best Practices for Promoting Your Cointiply Referral Link

Always be respectful when promoting your Cointiply referral link, and make sure you always follow promotion rules for wherever you are promoting it. If promotional links and spam aren't allowed in a particular place, find somewhere else to promote as your links and efforts aren't likely to be welcomed.

Keep it honest. Don't promise that people will make a gagillion Bitcoins on Cointiply in hopes that will convince them to click. If someone clicks your link because you've promised something they can't actually get, they aren't going to stick around and earn when they see that they can't earn a gagillion dollars—you earn when your referrals earn.

Focus on the parts of Cointiply you personally like most. If you're excited about earning on Cointiply in a particular way, talk about and promote that way! Be it the faucet, videos, games, our multiplier, taking surveys, or getting paid to install apps, your passion for those activities will come through whenever you're talking about it, and that will get you more referrals.