Tips for Increasing Your Rain Pool Share

1.) Earn more Coins - the more Coins you earn the higher your rain share will be. 

2.) Level up! You level up automatically as you earn on Cointiply. Higher user levels get a higher share

Things That DO NOT Increase Your Rain Pool Share

1.) Spamming. (Examples: rain rain rain, omg look at the rain, it sure is cloudy tonight)

2.) Donating to the rain pool does not increase your share, it is welcomed though!

3.) Chatting. Chatting is welcome, but messages do not increase your share.

Cointiply Chat Rain

To qualify for the rain pool, click the button at the top of the chat window that says, "Click to Qualify for Rain Pool." After that, you must complete at least one offer on Cointiply. While we encourage you to interact in the chat room, posting messages will not increase your rain pool share. You must also click "I Understand" in the window that appears.

Firstly, we moved Cointiply Chat to the left side of the page, and it's now anchored. It's minimized by default, but you can expand by clicking in the teaser view. You can re-minimize it any time by clicking the two up and down arrows at the top of the chat.

At the top of the Cointiply Chat interface is a new water drop icon, along with how many Coins are in the current Rain pool, as shown below.

The Water Drop - This icon starts off "empty," and it will fill up as site activity adds to the Rain pool.

Current Rain Pool - This is how many Coins are currently in the pool, and that number will go up as site activity and any member contributions to the pool fill the pool.

The Progress Bar - The progress bar represents YOUR share of the pool, which we will explain below.

The Cointiply Chat Rain Pool

Our Rain pool is fed by site activity. As our members earn Coins on the site, Cointiply takes a portion of our share and adds it to the Rain pool. For each round of the Rain pool, a random target (that we do not publicly disclose) is picked. When that target is reached, it rains! You'll even see water droplets coming down on the site. The more activity on the site, the faster the pool fills, and the more bonus Coins for our members.

Any Coins you receive from Cointiply Chat Rain will be added to your Coin balance, and you'll see the entry in your Activity.

How To Qualify for the Cointiply Rain Pool

Rain only falls on members who qualify for that round. To qualify for Cointiply Chat Rain, all you need to do is open the chat and click or tap the "Qualify for Rain Pool" button. The only other requirement is you need to have completed at least 1 offer, PTC ad or survey for the day. 

Once qualified, your light will turn green. Your share may start at 0% but it will update as the rain pool updates. Earn more Coins to get a higher share. 

See this example: 

How to Add Coins to the Cointiply Rain Pool

The Cointiply Chat Rain system was designed to be filled by site activity. We know that some members will want to add to the pool and see their contribution highlighted in chat. To add your Coins to the rain pool, simply type /rain [number of Coins you wish to contribute]. You will then be asked to confirm your contribution.

So, to add 100 of your Coins to the Rain pool, type:

/rain 100

Those Coins will be deducted from your account and added to the Rain pool. Your name and your contribution will then be highlighted in the chat room.