One of the changes we made to our PTC Ads is that we no longer use iFrames to show the ads. This allows us to host many more PTC Ads, as many sites don't allow iFrames. While that gives you many more earning opportunities, it does change the way we have to present the ads.

Browsers prohibit us from adding anything to page we are opening on someone else's site. That means we can't run a timer on the newly opened tab. Instead, the timer runs in the background on your Cointiply tab. This is how many PTC Ad platforms work, and it offers the most flexibility in offering you the greatest number of ads.

When you click to view an ad, it will open in a new tab. Keep that tab open for the required amount of time. If you click back to your Cointiply tab too soon, you will see the newly-paused timer still counting down. If you have waited the correct amount of time, you'll see the CAPTCHA so you can complete the PTC Ad view.

If you are having trouble with our PTC Ad CAPTCHA, it's often an issue with a device clock not being synced automatically. Consult your device's documentation to learn how to make sure your device is syncing its clock automatically. Examples that might be affected by clock syncing include missing images not seeing the correct image in the PTC Ad CAPTCHA.

Thank you, and enjoy our new PTC Ad platform!