Please do not open a ticket if your Loyalty resets. If it reset, it did so for a reason—we explain those reasons below. If you do open a ticket about your Loyalty resetting, you will get a response pointing you to this article.

Key Points on Cointiply's Loyalty Program

Our Loyalty system is simple, robust, and highly reliable. It is designed to reward members who visit us daily and claim from the faucet, complete an offer, get paid for a video, play a video game, or click a PTC Ad sometime during the GMT day. If it resets, it's because you didn't do one of those things during that GMT day. If it resets, it wasn't a mistake or a glitch, it was because you missed a day.

We have two ways for you to look into your own Loyalty activity. The first is the Dashboard report shown below. The second is your Activity, which you access in your user menu. We'll explain both in greater detail below.

Premium members can miss up to two days during the past 100 days before their Loyalty resets. This works retroactively, too. If you cancel your premium membership you will lose the two days of protection and your loyalty may reset if you missed one or more days. If your Premium membership does cover a day, you'll see it in the Dashboard report shown below. You can read more about Premium accounts in your Settings.

Please note: If you lose control of your account, your Loyalty may reset. We strongly recommend you enable 2FA security on your account to better protect your account. You can find your 2FA options in your Settings.

Please note: We run the Loyalty report once per day. It's not done in real-time. That may mean you get extra rolls with your old Loyalty bonus, even though you missed a day. The key to understanding why your Loyalty reset is to look for the day(s) in your Activity without a qualifying claim. We thoroughly explain this below.

Dashboard Loyalty Report

On your Dashboard, below our faucet, below the Cointiplier, below your Account information, and below your recent Activity is a handy-dandy report showing you up to the last 100 days of what you've done on Cointiply. It includes the number of claims you made and the date, and it works backwards from "Today." It will let you quickly see if you made a claim on any given day, and if your Loyalty reset, you can quickly see the day you missed. It also shows your Loyalty bonus for that day—that's the percentage figure in the upper left corner of each day.

Note: if you see 1 or more claims on a day—yet that day is still red—please check your Activity for that day. It is because you had claims that aren't part of the Loyalty program, such as referral bonuses, weekly interest, deposits being credited, and others. We'll be removing those claims from this report in the near future.

We started compiling this report on March 7th, 2019, so it will be a while before you can see a full 100 days of this report. New members who joined after March 7th, 2019, will see as many days as they have been active on Cointiply. Below is a sample report, and yours will look different.

Please do not open a ticket if your Loyalty resets. Instead, consult this report and you'll be able to see if you missed one or more days.

Dashboard Loyalty Report

Activity and Absolute Time Stamps

You can find your full Activity report in your user menu (User Menu > Activity). As of March 7th, 2019, we include absolute time stamps so you can see the exact time and date of each claim down to the second. If you have any questions about your Loyalty, including why it reset, you can check the Activity report and see which days you missed. You can use the dates in the Dashboard report to narrow down when you want to check.

Claims that count towards Loyalty: faucet spins, offerwall offers (including surveys, app downloads, quizzes, tasks, etc.), video claims, PTC Ads, and videos.

Claims that do NOT count towards Loyalty: Referral bonuses, interest payments, deposits (which aren't really a claim at all), Loyalty bonuses, manual bonuses, and CointiPlay rounds.

Do Not Open a Ticket for Loyalty Bonus Resets

We try to offer personalized support whenever possible, but the reality is there has never been an incident of Loyalty being miscalculated. All we can do in a ticket is point you to the information we've already provided, and due to the volume of tickets we receive, it doesn't make sense to do so.

Another thing to remember is that Loyalty bonuses can be rebuilt. FlatfootHarry likes to remind us that he's lost Loyalty at various faucets dozens of times over the years. It happens. Rebuild it!