Cointivity Collections are a way to get even higher earning boosts, and it's the best way to optimize your total boosts for all available slots. That can be especially useful when you're planning a few hours to go hard on earning, completing surveys, turning in your Hideout,tv points, etc.

Cointivity Collections are comprised of five different items. The Collections with the highest reward require Uncommon and Rare quality items. Below each Collection you can see the different items you need. When you get an eligible item, it will fill in on the Collection, letting you know it's ready. If you Equip, Consume, or trade In (sell for Coins) that item, it will no longer be eligible for completing a Collection.

Below is a screenshot of our sample account, with some eligible items in our inventory. You can also see the progress bar, showing you how much more you have before you complete your Collection.

When you have all items, a "LOCK IN" button will appear on that Collection, as shown below. Click or tap that that button, and you will be asked to confirm that you wish to activate this Collection. Doing so will remove the component items from your Inventory and add your new Collection item to your inventory. It is then ready for you to Consume when you wish. This process can not be reversed.

There are currently five Collections available, and we will be adding more—and possibly changing these out—in future updates.