Increase Your Level by Earning Coins

To increase your Cointivity level, earn Coins on Cointiply! It's that simple. 

You earn experience points just like you earn CointiPoints: 1 experience point per 10 Coins earned. 1 experience point per 10,000 Coins wagered in our CointiPlay multiplier game. 

Unlock Item Slots to Boost Your Offer Earnings

The more Coins you earn, the higher your level will rise, unlocking new slots for your Cointivity items.

Currently, you'll unlock your fourth Equippable slot at level 71—and that will be very hard to achieve. 

Earn a Higher Share From the Rain Pool

The higher your level the higher your potential to earn a bigger share from the Cointiply chat rain pool.

We will be adding additional perks and features for higher levels in future updates.