PLEASE NOTE: We do our best to provide support for offers that were not credited but we do not control the offer walls and do not have any insight into whether you completed an offer or not. This is true of ANY site with offer walls. Please use them at your own discretion and be aware that you will never get credit for 100% of offers.

If you completed an offer you believe you should receive credit for, here is what you need to do:

  1. Wait 24 to 72 hours. Some offers, especially higher paying ones, require manual verification from advertisers and you will be credited within 24 - 72 hours after completion.
  2. Double check you have met all of the offer requirements. (Example: Reaching level 10 in a game). 
  3. Take screenshots to provide proof that you completed the offer (statement, game level, completion screen etc.)
  4. Open a ticket with the offer wall that you completed the offer with. Usually you can do this by visiting the offer wall and clicking on their Support link. Be nice, the offer walls are generally more responsive if you aren't yelling at them!
  5. Be patient and wait for a response. There are millions of other users, like you, completing offers and sometimes it takes a while before you hear back. 
  6. Continue completing other offers in the meantime. Completing offers is a numbers game, and you will never get credit for 100% offers. Don't let that stop you!

Note: If you completed an offer that requires a credit card AND you have completed ALL of the above steps and still did not receive credit. Please open a ticket and let us know the details of your interaction with the offer wall so we can investigate further.

Reasons You May Not Get Credit

  • A survey or offer expired before you were able to complete it. 
  • You used a VPN or proxy to access an offer or survey.
  • The advertiser of the offer met their daily or monthly spending budget before you completed the offer.
  • You did not fully complete the offers requirements. 
  • You used a virtual credit card instead of a standard credit card. 
  • You completed the offer too quickly compared to other users. This looks suspicious to advertisers.
  • The offer or survey may have experienced a technical issue which prevented your credit from being recorded.

Note: Please keep in mind we can NOT see whether you have completed an offer or not and we have no insight into why the offer did not get credit. That is why you must contact the offer walls directly. Only they can help you. The only exception to this rule is if you completed a Your Surveys Direct survey and did not receive credit. If that is why you are here, please open a support ticket with proof of completion.

Here's some tips to make sure you get credited:

  • Do not use a proxy or VPN - you will not get credit and your account may be disabled. 
  • Disable your Ad Blocker if you have one. 
  • Make sure to follow each offers instructions carefully. 
  • Wait for a while - sometimes credits can be delayed by hours or even days for bigger offers.

Additional Information:

If you completed an offer and you did not receive a credit, we do not get credited either! We can not simply award the credit to your account. 

There are actually hundreds of reasons an offer may not credit, and all of them our outside of our control. The offer walls are provided by 3rd parties and we do not have direct control over when they credit your account. 

We do value our users though and understand completing an offer and not getting credited can be very frustrating. For that reason we always try to reach out to the offer wall providers and let them know of any invalid offers that should be removed.  

Overall most offers do convert if you qualify and you follow the instructions.  Our users have completed millions of offer wall offers, and only a very tiny portion of those failed credit.